Christians Support Marijuana Legalization

Christians Support Marijuana Legalization

50% of Christians questioned age 18-29 declared they “favor” or “strongly favor” marijuana legalization.

45% of polled age 50-64 said they “favor” marijuana legalization.

28% of those 65 and older also support the idea.

Looking at the data it is obvious that the factor in the responses was personal experience of marijuana smoking or not. Because 65% of those who previously tried marijuana think it should be legal, and 65% of those who did not, consider it should not.

Only 33% of Catholics polled reported they had tried marijuana. 40% of white evangelical Protestants and 44% of white mainline Protestants, 52% of Christians and 52% religiously unaffiliated Americans declared they had tried marijuana.
About 23% think using marijuana is a sin, and 20% believe marijuana consumption is forbidden by the bible.

63% of those saying “no” to marijuana legalization would support medical marijuana legalization if it prescribed by a doctor to treat certain medical condition. 19% did not support medical marijuana legalization.