61% of New Jersey Residents Support Marijuana Decriminalization

61% of New Jersey Residents Support Marijuana Decriminalization

Legislature is now discussing Senate Bill 1977 decriminalizing up to two ounces marijuana possession. According to the bill, the possession of marijuana would be a civil violation with a fine similar to a traffic ticket.

Probably, the poll was conducted to urge the legislature to act on Senate Bill 1977 which still has not been scheduled for a committee hearing.

If you live in New Jersey and possess marijuana you can face up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine. It is a criminal misdemeanor.

“Once an individual is convicted of even a minor possession offense, he or she is subject to a system of legal discrimination that makes it difficult or impossible to secure housing, employment, public assistance, federal student aid for higher education, and even a basic driver’s license.”

Another interesting fact from the Garden State – African-Americans are arrested for marijuana possession at a rate three times that of whites. While both blacks and whites use marijuana at the same rate.

If legislators pass the decriminalization Senate Bill 1977, New Jersey will become the 16th state where marijuana possession in amounts ranging from half an ounce to three ounces is decriminalized.

source: thedailychronic.net