Marijuana Decriminalization in Vermont

Marijuana Decriminalization in Vermont

House Bill 200 passed the House in April, than Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed it into the law.
This bill removes criminal penalties. Now those possessing of up to an ounce of marijuana would pay civil fine: $ 200 for the first offense, $ 300 for the second, and $ 500 for the following offenses.

Growing of your own cannabis and possession of more than one ounce is still considered to be criminal offense.
The bill has great number of supporters. For example, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell even thinks that Vermont residents should be able to grow one or two of their own marijuana plants. While MPP`s Matt Simon already thinks about regulation of recreational marijuana for adults.

But there are also people who oppose marijuana decriminalization – the Vermont Police Association.
According to Public Policy Polling dated February 2012, 63% of Vermont residents favored the idea of small amount marijuana decriminalization.