America Wants Marijuana Legalized

America Wants Marijuana Legalized

52 percent of Americans speak out in favor of marijuana legalization, just as 45 percent consider it is inappropriate.
Different generations have different opinions on this issue. The Baby Boom Generation (50%), Generation X (54%), Millenials (65%) for the most part embrace the idea of cannabis legalization. For example the Silent Generation (born before 1942) does not support it. But in comparison with research of 2002 the percent of the Silent Generation which supports marijuana legalization increased from 17 percent to 32 percent.

48 percent of Americans said they have tried marijuana personally (just 38% a decade ago).

32 percent of Americans think it is “morally wrong” to smoke marijuana, 50 percent think it is ok. Some of them smoke just for fun (47%), 30% do it for some medical reasons, and 23% for both reasons.

72 percent of pollees consider the federal government`s actions against cannabis “cost more than they are worth”.

Over the last years attitude of Americans to a question of marijuana legalization has changed.