Penalty Reduced but Medical Marijuana still Illegal

Penalty Reduced but Medical Marijuana still Illegal

According to House Bill 184 introduced in February, first-time offenders charged with possession of up to ounce of marijuana would pay only $500 fine and would not be imprisoned. It would be class C misdemeanor.

Now, people who possess up to one ounce of cannabis can face 180 days in jail and $2000 fine.

The House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved the Bill on April 23 and amended the legislation to apply only to people under the age of 21.

Near 80 000 people in Texas are arrested each year and 97 percent of them only for possession, not for sale or growing.

According to another House Bill 594, medical marijuana would not be legalized in Taxes, but protective measures would be provided for those patients who need medical marijuana to relieve their pain.

So if a person arrested for cannabis is able to prove it was recommended by his/ her doctor it would lead to dismissal of charge.

This Bill also protects physicians who recommend marijuana for their patients.