Vermont is the 17th State where Marijuana is Legal

Vermont is the 17th State where Marijuana is Legal

Gov. Peter Shumlin is going to sign it into a law in the nearest future.

So Vermont will become the 17th state in the United States of America where cannabis is legalized and decriminalized.
“Vermonters support sensible drug policies. This legislation allows our courts and law enforcement to focus their limited resources more effectively to fight highly addictive opiates such as heroin and prescription drugs that are tearing apart families and communities.” said Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin.

Matt Simon, a legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, thinks that Vermont set a good example for other states. He is grateful for support demonstrated for the measure.

“The days of criminalizing people simply for using a substance less harmful than alcohol are coming to an end,” Simon said.

House Bill 200 will remove criminal penalties for up to one ounce cannabis possession. In several weeks it will be just a civil fine, similar to traffic ticket.

The current state law considers up to two ounces of marijuana possession a misdemeanor (up to six months in jail). If it is a subsequent offense – it is punishable by up to two years in jail.

According to a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling last February, 63% of Vermont residents support marijuana decriminalization.