Production Price of Legal Marijuana

Production Price of Legal Marijuana

If marijuana is legalized, the pound could cost about 10$. It was calculated in the same manner as similar products like tea. The price reflects only production before taxes, testing, etc.

So, marijuana legalization could save lots of money for those who use cannabis, for example, for medical reasons or just is a social smoker.

A study of 2006 declared the production cost of one ounce of marijuana was about 100$. As you can see it is much more.

According to a last year Slate report, one ounce of marijuana costs about 300$ now. Experts calculated that one ounce could cost about 3$ after marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado.

But we still should remember about taxes. Tax for marijuana in some areas of Colorado could reach up to 40 percent.
So what people think about this?

Some are sure that this price (62 cents per ounce) is unreal, because great genetically engineered marijuana needs a lot of work to grow it. Other people think it is so expensive now just because of illegality, and not because of production costs. But if it is legal the tax issue rises, that will drive the price in the future.

There are people who would better pay 200-300$ per ounce for the privilege of smoking good quality marijuana just like some people pay for high quality whisky or wine.

Also we should note that marijuana legal cultivation will create job places in such sectors as farming, packaging, transportation, distribution, etc.