Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Nevada State

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Nevada State

The bill has to improve the state`s medical marijuana program. Medical cannabis was legalized by 65% of voters. But there was nothing about medical marijuana dispensaries in the bill.

At the moment, patients or their caregivers can cultivate up to seven plants and posses up to one ounce of marijuana. But taking into consideration that it is hard to grow something in the Nevada desert and the fact that obtaining marijuana seeds is illegal, lawmakers understand that 3,645 registered cardholders have limited access to medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 374 would allow medical marijuana dispensaries. The Department of Health and Human Services will regulate the activity of dispensaries.

There are some requirements for dispensaries, such as growing marijuana only in enclosed and locked places with 24-hour video surveillance.

According to the bill the amount of medical marijuana and cannabis plants possessed by registered card holders and their caregivers will be increased and forging of medical marijuana registration card will be considered as criminal offense with four years in prison.