Arizona Supports Marijuana Legalization

Arizona Supports Marijuana Legalization

56% of Arizona residents said they support legalization of possession of small amount of cannabis for personal use.
37% of respondents said they were opposed. 7% were unsure.

Different age groups favored the idea of marijuana legalization, as well as all counties (58% of people under 35, 59% of age group 35-53, and 51% of those 54 and older).

There was no big difference between political parties: 72% of Independent voters, 61% of Democrats, and 41% of Republicans supported the idea.

62% of men and just 50% of women think that marijuana should be legalized.

59% of Caucasians, 61% of Latinos and 37% of other nationality favored cannabis legal use.

75% of Liberals, 67% of Moderates and just 35% of Conservatives also vote for marijuana legalization.