Medical Marijuana Can Be Legalized in Maryland Today

Medical Marijuana Can Be Legalized in Maryland Today

House Bill 1101 has already passed a second reading in the Senate and passed in the House. Now it is necessary to pass the third vote in the Senate and be approved by the Governor.

In accordance with the Maryland`s medical marijuana program cannabis must be grown only by state growers with license or by the federal government.

Medical marijuana patients will not be able to cultivate it by themselves.

The dosage, length of treatment and other important issues will be determined by the academic medical centers in accordance with medical condition of a patient.

Special commission will be established for the implementation of regulations of the program.

The commission can issue the license only up to five medical marijuana growers for each program.

The independent commission will include twelve members directly associated with medical marijuana issue: the secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, three physicians, a nurse, a pharmacist, a scientist, a medical marijuana patient, an attorney, a representative of the state attorney`s association, the chief of police, and the Maryland chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism and drug Dependence.

If the Bill will pass the third reading, the medical marijuana program can come in force around July 2015.