Supreme Court Limits Deportation over Cannabis Possession

Supreme Court Limits Deportation over Cannabis Possession

The court said that Adrian Moncrieffe, a long time USA resident from Jamaica who was deported over possession of small amount of marijuana, should have had the opportunity to appeal against his deportation.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor thinks that deportation should happen to be in cases involving the sale of the drug or bigger amount possession.

Adrian Moncrieffe has lived in the United States of America since he was 3. In 2008 police found 1.3 grams of cannabis in his car. He was charged of possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute.

Two years later, he was arrested and immigration agents started deportation process citing his marijuana arrest, as if he had been a drug dealer.

Moncrieffe`s deportation was automatic.

But now the Supreme Court decision means he will be able to return to the USA.