Medical Marijuana Treatment for Kids Approved by New Jersey Gov. Christie

Medical Marijuana Treatment for Kids Approved by New Jersey Gov. Christie

Chris Christie says that kids must be only treated with cannabis edibles. Edible marijuana products had been banded in the state’s regulations previously, but are a more suitable form of medication for minors to ingest the medicine. He also allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to broad the range of cannabis strains to satisfy suffering patients` needs.

All these actions took place just a few days after Christie was confronted at a campaign stop by Brian Wilson, father of two-year old Vivian suffering from a severe form of epilepsy. Unfortunately medications do not help her. Wilson and his proponents request Christie to act on the bill.

Christie says that protection of children is his most important goal and he must be sure that kids are treated well and receive the care they need and at the same time they are safe and protected from potential harm. “Today, I am making commonsense recommendations to this legislation to ensure sick children receive the treatment their parents prefer, while maintaining appropriate safeguards. I am calling on the legislature to reconvene quickly and address these issues so that children in need can get the treatment they need” he said.

On Monday, all Governor`s changes to Senate Bill 2842 were approved by the Senate.

Patients suffering from serious debilitating conditions should be provided with relief. New Jersey medical marijuana state program is one of the strictest in the country. That is why the Wilson family, as many other families, was not able to help their child. “While I believe far too many limitations still exist, these changes will help to remove some of the barriers faced by eligible patients” said Sen. Joe Vitale.