The methods of use, or eating cannabis

Hemp Foods

Dosage problem

The main difficulty of chefs who decided to treat themselves with such an exotic product is dosage.  Even if you are well trained, have good equipment, much experience with cannabis, it is difficult to know how much “material”, impacting your psyche gets inside you. High temperatures fancily bizarrely transform finished products. Just lose your attention while baking memorable Dutch cupcakes and you will get a product that has a little effect on a person. Or vice versa, you will get fusion food prepared of cannabis, which even in a tiny slice will be enough, and a full serving will make half of your day an unpleasant pastime. Do not be afraid to die from an overdose, it is impossible because of weed. Theoretically, if you separate agents of one or two kilograms of cannabis and if you concentrate it in a special essence it will be possible to die.  With the same success you may die if you take eight liters of pure and tasty water. Besides, it is impossible to synthesize such essence of cannabis without a laboratory. To sum up: be very careful with the food prepared of cannabis, especially hot, such as baking.


Marking data mismatch

From the preceding article comes marking data mismatch of inscriptions on package to real parameters of food prepared of cannabis. Even while consuming a product of the same brand, you can not be completely sure that portion of psychedelic substance will be the same. Food prepared of cannabis is a real surprise, reasoning in the spirit of “Ate a cake and almost stuck, let’s eat four cakes!” may be inappropriate. Eat the product wisely and with right care, then you will be able to get a portion of unforgettable emotions without any consequences, like an excess of action.


Finally I will mention that if you eat such food, you can avoid such problems of smoking as carcinogens which are exuded while combustion. However, if you use a vaporizer, you may forget about this problem.