Alabama Doesn`t Legalize Marijuana

Alabama Doesn`t Legalize Marijuana

House Bill 550 – The Alabama Cannabis and Hemp Reform Act 2013 introduced in April by Birmingham Democrat Rep.

Patricia Todd will not be voted this year.

Patricia Todd will try to re-introduce legislation next year.

House Bill 550 supposes:

– Up to one ounce of marijuana possession by adults 21 and older.

– Up to twelve marijuana plants cultivation in a locked place by adults 21 and older.

Alabama Doesn`t Legalize Marijuana

– Marijuana sharing, but not selling, by those 21 and older among other adults 21 and older.

– To authorize the Department of Revenue to regulate the cultivation, processing, packaging, testing, transportation and sale of cannabis.

– To allow the sale of marijuana only by licensed regulated marijuana retail stores.

– To set labeling and advertising regulations.

– To allow medical marijuana use for those patients suffering from serious medical conditions.

– To allow Alabama farmers industrial hemp cultivation.

– To charge penalties for supplying marijuana to those under 21, except medical marijuana patients.

Today, Alabama has one of the most stringent penalties for marijuana possession in the United States of America – up to a year of incarceration and $6000 fine.