Scythian smoking bongs

Scythian rituals and ceremonies

Many or even most of the rituals made by Scythians have in their basis usage of narcotics, beginning with opium and hallucinogens, exuded by mushrooms to cannabis for which they created these smoking bongs. According to Anton Gass, who is the archaeologist of the Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage, similar findings may occur once in a few decades. In the aforesaid region of Russia such an important archeological finding is found for the first time. The discovery occurred in 2013, but until a few years ago it was kept in secret because of fear of attracting black archeologists, illegal hunters for valuables ​​of ancient peoples. Only these gold smoking bongs would be sold at “gray” auctions for fabulous sums of money. The mystery of findings was held to prevent plundering of valuables.


Discussions about functions of vessels

After a few decades of unearthing of the mound, scientists have discovered the tomb itself. There were found cups, rings, necklaces in it and among other things there were two strange vessels in the form of a bucket. The head of a unit enquired with a laboratory for analysis of black organic remains on the bottom of bowls, and examination revealed that it was a mixture of cannabis with a mixture of opium. In this way it became clear that the vessels were ancient smoking bongs. Thus, the Scythians predilection to cannabis which was described in writings by Herodotus, was confirmed. Nowadays, historians know that Scythian people often smoked weed and hashish and even produced hashish of gorras. It is not clear where they took material, because to grow it in a nomadic way of life was almost impossible. Maybe they just sow fields with cannabis seeds, and then held their routes through these lands in a few years, or even used wild growing cannabis.


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