ATMs for Ganja?

Ganja tourism continues to become synonymous with Jamaican travel. Many visitors to Jamaica return home with stories of being offered ganja as soon as they step outside of the airport. While Jamaica was never a free-for-all for cannabis as many assume, the laws continue to relax in regards to the restrictions placed on ganja’s use and accessibility.

A prime example of Jamaica changing views of cannabis use and ever-increasing acceptance of ganja tourism are the ganja kiosks that may soon be placed inside of airports. Also touted as “ganja ATMs,” these machines will allow travelers with medical marijuana prescriptions to obtain a permit that allows them to buy ganja from the kiosks.

The standards that are in place for the kiosk have been set by the Cannabis licensing Authority (CLA). By allowing kiosk to be controlled and regulated by medical professionals, the country will be able to make use of the monetary potential and cultural fusion that comes along when tourism and ganja are combined.

“It would primarily be for people who have a prescription and, in effect, you’re doing it for medicinal purposes with a permit from the Ministry of Health.”

The methods of use, or eating cannabis

Business dealing with marijuana is rapidly developing by states that have recently legalized the plant which is not only the product for smoking. Food that is made of cannabis is in great demand. Mechanisms of perception of psychoactive and other substances in cannabis are quite different if it is eaten or smoked. The fact is that in the process of digestion your liver communicates with tetrahydrocannabinol, and at the output there is another compound which is lighter and it penetrates faster through the blood-brain barrier. Therefore food that is prepared of cannabis may compete with the traditional way of its using. The impact is more powerful and long.  When smoking, active substances do not pass through your stomach and liver, they are adjudged directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. The smoker “gets high” faster, but the action is shorter and less intense. The strangest thing is that when smoking your circulatory system absorbs about 60% of psychoactive substances, and in oral use it is maximum of 10-20%. But as the liver “modifies” normal tetrahydrocannabinol, anyway the food prepared of cannabis is stronger. The effect can last for a few hours!

Scythian smoking bongs

dff05a621a1d Archaeologists have unearthed a couple of smoking bongs, made of pure gold aged of 2400 years. Ancient accessories were used by tribal leaders for burning a mixture of opium and cannabis. They were found together with a number of other Scythian gold items, weighing about four kilograms. The discovery took place randomly in the south of Russia. There were planned excavation of land to restore the integrity of local transmission lines. After detailing there was invited a group of archaeologists who had unearthed these priceless artifacts. Golden smoking bongs, as well as other items belonged to Scythians, nomadic warlike people who did not build cities or walls, they were always traveling. At that time, Scythians governed broadly, almost all Eurasia, such a vast continent was ruled by nomads. The only Scythian man-made buildings are huge stone massifs, which they put on the grave of a dead comrade. One of such graves represents, though destroyed and buried under centuries-old layer of earth – golden and beautiful all-metal smoking bongs. All other decorations are also similar but in this context we are primarily interested in them. Mounds are located in many countries of Eurasia, there are especially many Mongolian mounds.

The Most Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

The Most Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

“Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act” passed the Illinois Senate this Friday.
Medical marijuana patients and physicians will under the protection of this Act for the next four years.

South Africa Residents Harvested Marijuana Plantation before the Police Destroyed It

South Africa Residents Harvested Marijuana Plantation before the Police Destroyed It

Recently, some marijuana smokers hit the jackpot. Residents of Saulsville, Pretoria, South Africa hit upon a field of cannabis near a community park.