France Approves Cannabis-based Medicines

France Approves Cannabis-based Medicines

In accordance with the modified code, “production, transport, export, possession, offering, acquisition or use of specialty pharmaceuticals that contains one of these (cannabis-derivative) substances” is legal now.
The National Medical Safety Agency must approve individual cannabis medicines. Well, we`ll see how the law will be implemented.
The use of such medicines as sublingual spray Sativex, a marijuana-based medicine, and marijuana substitute Marinol (Cesamet) will be available due to the law, but the use of raw cannabis could also become legal but strictly for medical purposes.
According to Pharmacists’ Union spokesperson Philippe Gaertner, France will not have marijuana-based medicines on the market quickly.
There are several countries in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Chezh Republic, Austria, Germany, and, of course, Netherlands, where some form of therapeutic cannabis is legal.

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